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I’m going on tour!

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You heard right. I am bringing my Matcha Mornings workshop on tour this fall to Seattle on 11/3, Portland on 11/4, and San Francisco on 11/10!

Join me for a morning of making my matcha lattes, pumpkin fat balls, and a deep, interactive discussion where we will go over:

  • cultivating true self love

  • mindful eating

  • mental health- handling stress, anxiety, and "down days"

  • digital detoxing

  • self care in the fall and winter

  • my favorite Ayurvedic practice

  • more topics I don’t discuss on IG and the blog, plus, a Q+A

There is also a VIP ticket option where ticket buyers will share a meal with me after the workshop and get extra goodies like a full tarot card deck from Mesquite Tarot, an On Our Moon candle, a signed copy of Womancode by Alisa Vitti, a gift card to Outdoor Voices, and much more!

This will be a very special morning where we will discuss topics near and dear to my heart. You will get the opportunity to build community, share stories, and leave feeling inspired, confident in making the best choices for yourself, and with a handful of new friends and memories to keep for a lifetime.

All attendees will go home with a swag bag full of goodies from Sun Potion, A Question of Eagles ceramics, CAP Beauty Daily, Ban.Do, and much, much more!

I cannot wait to hang with you.