How to Move Across the Country and Cleanse with the Moon

Juice cleanses scare the living crap out of me. I have to eat every 2 hours or else #hangrylee comes out and NOBODY wants to be around that.

So that's why I decided to do a juice cleanse. Because I'm crazy and like to do things that scare me. 

I just recently left my comfortable, lovely life in New York City and moved across the country to a city I've never tried before. Beautiful Los Angeles.  I stripped away everything I knew and that was close and dear and lovely to me and picked up and left. And I've never felt more alive.

I did the move all on my own and just brought the necessities. I brought 3 white tee-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, and about 500 pairs of shoes because I am a girl that rules.

The move created a little bit of stress which is only to be expected. Especially a 3,000 mile move across the country. But that's living, right? What's the point of life if you are just going to sit at a desk and never push your boundaries? That's not life. That's robotic and not what I want my life to be like. So I made some changes and here I am, juice cleansing in lovely Los Angeles.


The idea to do a juice cleanse my 2nd week here in LA occurred to me when I had been living out of my healthy eating element for almost a week and wanted to get back to a semi-normal health regime. These "off the band wagon" weeks are apart of life, and no longer do I criticize myself or feel guilty like I used to when I was younger. Now, I simply accept it and move forward. Life is full of ups and downs, and nobody is perfect. I tried living strict and perfect and ended up in a very dark, sad, lonely place. Life is much more fun and vibrant when you live a little, anyways.

I knew going into my move that I would be without the comforts of my own kitchen and my plentiful superfood pantry for a few days. Once I felt a bit settled, I was ready to cleanse and re-fresh my body. 

I wanted to touch base with my new local LA roots (!!) and try some locally made and packaged juices. I decided to try a Juice Served Here semi-cleanse. Juice Served Here offers three types of cleanses. Soft, semi, and hard. I have done cleanses before, but always struggled with them. So I chose semi. The semi cleanse came with the following juices:

02: Sweet Greens
08: Pipe Cleaner
17: Green Easy
05: Block Rockin Beets
09: Green Milk
19: Charcoal Lemonade

Base price: $55.00

I also added the 07:Raw Soup, Superfood bar, and their house made LAX tea (an extra $15.00) My cleanse came at the perfect time, as a full moon was approaching on the scheduled day of my cleanse. I've become increasingly interested in aligning my cleansing and eating habits with the moon cycles as I have been following Angela De La Agua, pretty much the raddest chick on instagram for a while now. Angela lives my dream life. She lives in Joshua Tree and conducts these juice cleanses out in the desert during the full moon. I myself am dying to go on one of these retreats. Angela, this cleanse was also inspired by you girl! :) #RadGirlAlert


To prepare for the cleanse, I ate completely raw and vegan the day beforehand. This was suggested on an information card that came with my cleanse, but it sounded like a good idea and I'm used to eating raw and vegan. So that was fine. I also didn't shower the day before my cleanse to really embrace the inner hippie that has been living inside of me. HEY HIPPIE!

On the day of the cleanse I drank one juice every 2 hours or so, with 32 ounces of water in between each juice. SO MUCH LIQUID! I peed about every 10 minutes, no apologies there. 


I was pretty hungry in the morning when I woke up. I drank hot water with lemon instead of coffee or tea. I drank 3 juices in the morning, one at 7:30, another at 9:30, and then another at 11:00am. My favorite morning juice was definitely Pipe Cleaner, which was really tangy and sweet, with lots of ginger, lemon, and pineapple. I was fairly hungry throughout the morning, but once 1PM hit, I became accustomed to the hunger and embraced it.


But then around 2PM, I started to feel really sluggish and it became hard to focus on my task at hand. I decided to eat the raw soup and raw bar. The soup was so yummy, but actually a little too salty for my tasting. I watered it down a bit, and put it in a bowl and ate it with a spoon to feel like I was eating. The raw bar was SO delicious, I need to figure out their recipe. I could definitely taste some tahini in there for sure. It was delectable.

 Those two items really helped to calm down my shaking hunger hands, but they didn't do it for me. I was starving and really uncomfortable and could not focus on my work, and I had to get my work done. I consulted my friend Noah, a local food coach here in LA and Santa Barbara. He told me to make a raw kale salad and massage it with some avocado and lemon juice. I made a bowl of this and ate it slowly under the hot spring LA sun. It was so delightful. I did not break the cleanse. I did not cheat or anything like that. I gave my body what it needed because I am an intuitive eater and know what I need. And I'm not afraid to give it to myself. :)

After, I went for a long walk with my friend Lauren of Trash Is For Tossers around Echo Park and enjoyed the Green Milk, which was another favorite of mine. It's sweet, creamy, and oh so delicious.  I kept myself busy through dinner time and prepped some food for my next day's activities without any issue. I was down to my last juice, the Charcoal Lemonade.  My belly was so full of liquid, I couldn't finish it.


The answer is yes, but let's remove the word dirty. I'm a clean freak.

I took a few swigs of my activated charcoal lemonade, laughed at my silly little self, and took my juice-filled booty outside to moon bathe. For those that don't know, moon bathing is when you sit outside during the full moon and soak in the moon's rays. I was inspired to moon bathe after Lauren talked about this crazy girl she went to college with who did it every full moon. I felt a strong will to try it so I sat outside and stared at the moon for 20 minutes before getting incredibly tired and practically falling asleep. The first  5 minutes of moon bathing were really boring and then I kind of just became hypnotized by the big glowy moon.

After I experimented being a completely crazy person, I seeped and sipped my LAX tea, went to my bedroom, turned out all of the lights, and laid my amethyst crystal on my chest and meditated until I fell asleep. Literally, I don't even know who I am anymore. It's like I am in a constant state of Coachella. 

I woke up the next morning and went to Expo West with Lauren and we had the best time ever.


Juice cleanses are uber trendy and not always a pleasant experience. Although the next morning I woke up feeling extremely energetic and back to my healthy old self (as expected), I don't know if I would put myself through another juice cleanse anytime soon. They stress me out and make me feel uncomfortable, and I don't feel the need to shock my system into a cleanse at this point in my life to get healthy. 

I ate small meals the day after my cleanse to ease my body back into solid foods. Thanks to Juice Served Here for providing a lovely array of fresh juices right to my door, and to my rad dude friend Noah for the support and friendly advice. If you yourself are interested in doing a cleanse, I definitely suggest Juice Served Here's. Onwards and upwards, ya'll. #GETLIVING