Vegan Toast Ideas

Toast is one of my favorite things to have for any meal- breakfast, lunch, dinner. What I love about is how healthy and versatile it can be. You can make a sweet or savory toast. You can add fruits, vegetables, nut butters, hummus, vegan yogurts....I mean it when I say that the possibilities are endless.

Toast may be a trendy food, but I think it's super trendy for a reason. Finally, America is no longer afraid of carbohydrates! I remember when everyone started banning bread from their diet in the early 2000's. Bread was looked at as one of the most unhealthy things ever, so we all stayed away from it. Yet other cultures have bread every day as a healthy part of their diets, yet we Americans have such a weird way of viewing food everything is either banned or in abundance.

Toast is my a go-to meal and snack for me. It's super satisfying to eat and a quick clean up, which is always a win. Most days, it's a large piece of sourdough with hunks of avocado, sea salt flakes, red chili pepper flakes, and truffle oil. Soooo good and keeps me full through lunch. But I want people to know that there's a lot more out there than avocado toast. Although, avocado toast, I love you. I really do. Please don't take this personally.

While we are on the subject of bread...I might be giving up gluten pretty soon for 21 days.


Have you heard of the Elimination Diet? It is a way of eating (more than a diet) to discover food intolerances within you.  On the elimination diet, you consume no gluten, no dairy, and no soy for 21 days, and then you slowly re-introduce those foods to your diet, paying close attention to how you feel. I think of the elimination diet as an allergen tester, not so much a diet.

The Elimination Diet is said to help improve their mental focus, sleep patterns, skin issues, mood disorders, and energy levels... Why wouldn't I do this? The food we put into our bodies is 100% directly related to how we feel about ourselves and our environment, and I want to feel as close to 100% as possible, all the time.

This elimination diet, if I go through with it, will not be easy for me. First off, I pride myself on being one of those girls that eats everything (except animal products since I've become vegan). I guess I don't love being perceived as a picky eater. I love being low-maintenance, and I am worried that the elimination diet will make me high maintenance! But, it's only for 21 days. Lee, you can deal with it. 

Giving up dairy will be no issue as I don't eat dairy anyway. But soy and gluten? This won't be so easy. Let me tell you. I love tofu. I eat it 2x a week. As a vegan, tofu is my savior. I eat it for lunch in a salad or in a noodle bowl for dinner. I have 4 packages of tofu in my refrigerator right now. Into the freezer they go!

The only time I eat gluten is when I have my sourdough toast with avocado on it. Which is quite often if I am being honest. And I just haven't come across a gluten-free alternative to sourdough bread. I love my bread chewy and moist, and that's the glutenous part of bread, isn't it. Oh, well..I want to know if I have any food allergens, and so this elimination thing will let me know.

 These toast toppers that I am presenting can be enjoyed on any type of bread you fancy, gluten free or not. So, get your bread out, and your toppings out, and wow your friends and have a toast making party this weekend. 

Responding to the toast craze happening in the food world right now, I wanted to give some inspirational ideas on ways you can get creative with toast toppings, the vegan way. The options are endless!

Toasty Ideas:

  1. avocado, radish, sea salt

  2. coconut cream, kumquats (or another citrus of your choice)

  3. cashew butter, pistachios, blueberries

  4. black bean hummus, cucumber, hemp seed

  5. unsweetened vegan yogurt, steamed yellow beets

  6. hummus, steamed cabbage and steamed carrots, splash of truffle olive oil

  7. blood orange, honey, sea salt

  8. cashew cream, pine nuts, herbs, olive oil

  9. peanut butter, caramelized banana, vegan chocolate chips

  10. almond butter, blueberry compote (recipe here), coconut flakes

  11. coconut yogurt, blueberry compote

  12. avocado, sliced cucumber, carrots

  13. cashew cream, strawberries, maple syrup

  14. coconut yogurt, figs, ground flax seeds

  15. peanut butter, blackberries, honey, bee pollen, "bear toast"

  16. hummus, avocado, grilled mushrooms, parsley, olive oil

  17. tofu mousse, peanut butter, granola

  18. coconut cream, wild mushrooms, garlic, salt, lemon, chives "creamy mushroom toast"

  19. olive tapenade, and fresh herbs

  20. guacamole, salsa, black beans, corn, and cilantro "taco toast"

  21. Sauerkraut with avocado

  22. Beetroot hummus, sautéed beet leaves with garlic and chili oil "whole beet toast"

  23. macadamia nut butter, blackberry preserves, hemp seed, honey

What are your favorite ways to eat toast?