So excited to share with you a very special recipe with my friends at LeafTV. In this video, I teach you how to make rawnola. Rawnola is a raw version of granola. If you have oats, dates, coconut flakes, and cinnamon, you can make it!

It's so delicious and stores in the fridge so well! I top my smoothie bowls, oats, ice creams, and parfaits with it. I also eat it straight out of the jar when I need a quick energy boost. It also rolls up into balls super well to make pretty yogurt toppings.

Check out the full recipe here

This was one of my first raw vegan recipes that I nailed down. I love making it for friends who are not familiar with it because it's always a crowd pleaser. You can make it your own by adding unique ingredients like lemon zest, cacao, cayenne, vanilla paste, or even peanut butter.