My Running Routine


Alarm clock goes off. 

My sneakers, pants, and shirt are already laid out right next to my bed. I roll over and put on my running clothes, roll out my yoga mat, do a light vinyasa flow sequence, tighten my shoes, and head out the door. 

Running is one of my all-time favorite ways to start the day. 

I run as the sun comes up - before the rest of the city awakes.

I think through my deepest problems while I run. It makes me feel accomplished, inspired, and strong.

It's my moving meditation.

I first got into running 3 years ago when I lived in New York City and worked a stressful job and needed an outlet. My first run, I could barely last a mile before going breathless. But I didn't give up. I know that nothing worth having comes easy. I slowly built up stamina, joined a running club and committed to running 3 days a week, and pretty soon I was in half marathon shape!

3 years and an (recovered) ankle injury later, running is still my favorite workout. Now that I live in LA, it's nice all year round here, so I can train 12 months out of the year. Why do I love running? It's easy, fast, and mobile. You don't need an expensive gym membership and you can bring it anywhere. My favorite running route is around the side streets of Koreatown, and usually ends at The Line Hotel to meet with friends. 

Lately when I run, I set out with zero expectations. I just like to exercise to get my blood flowing and body moving. Being in good running shape helps me in all areas of my life: it helps me stay agile during yoga, makes hiking easier and more enjoyable, and climbing a set of stairs easy-peasy. 

Apparel wise.. you guys are always asking me what my favorite shoes to run in are, and it's definitely the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2. First of all, it feels like your feet are running in clouds. As if that's not enough, they are great to slip on and off, making it that much easer to commit to your runs. 

I get my runner's high by tuning out, stepping one foot in front of the other, and just letting go of "mileage" or "expectation" and just paying attention to my breathing. Post run, I go for a chai almond milk latte or matcha. Then, I head home and make myself an epic breakfast. 

Videos and photos in collaboration with Nike and Coffee 'N Clothes. They came over to my apartment and I walked them through my morning routine. See the full video on my Instagram account. (link)

What's your running routine?