Caffeine Free Week Tips and Pointers

Caffeine Free Week Tips and Pointers


It's day 4 of #caffeinefreeweek.

How's everyone doing?

For me, the first two days were definitely the hardest. Day 1 might as well have been a waste of a day. I was productive for maybe about 2 hours then I felt extremely lethargic, sad, anxious, and sluggish. I couldn't get off the couch. My tension headaches were so bad, I kept applying peppermint oil like it was going out of style! I also was in a bad mood and kept asking myself, "why am I doing this?" what helped the most was scrolling through Instagram reading the #caffeinefreeweek tags. It is so inspiring to me to see so many awesome ladies participating around the world. WE GOT THIS!

I got cupped on Tuesday at The Spa on Rodeo in Beverly Hills and my headaches have been gone ever since. I think it worked in relieving tons of tension on my body!

Day 2 was a little better energy wise, but I still felt slow to remember things. I would forget people's names, misspell emails, space out and just felt pretty uninspired and unmotivated. Not my usual "LET'S DO THIS" frame of mind, which was frustrating. But, I was expecting that. 

my cup marks!

my cup marks!

Even though I successfully gave up coffee a year ago, and was caffeine free for a few months last summer, this past fall, I got really into matcha and before I knew it, was downing 1-2 matchas a day, and getting anxious if I didn't have one. It became my new morning ritual. I'd also get withdrawal headaches and didn't feel like my normal spunky self if I didn't have it by 3pm. 

I started #caffeinefreeweek to give my body a reset. Not sure if I will omit the stuff for life or not, but I am glad I am giving my body and adrenals a break (even if just from matcha). 

I wanted to put together a little blog post full of recipes, support, and pointers for those of who are participating in #caffeinefreeweek April 17-23, 2017! And if you aren't participating in this week's, maybe you can start your own and use this page to give you support!

benefits of giving up caffeine

  • better sleep

  • regulate hormones

  • decreased anxiety

  • lower blood pressure

  • healthier teeth

  • lower cortisol levels

  • more in touch with your natural rhythms and energy levels

  • easier to meditate

  • better for the environment!

What I've noticed about myself so far

  • I often turn to caffeine for a boost to get me through a "lull" or moment of inspiration

  • I've been noticeably less anxious and prone to "flight or fight" responses

  • I've been sleeping way more soundly! Normally I wake up a few times a night. Not this week!

  • My mind doesn't race when I hop into bed to go to sleep. Normally I sit in bed for an hour and think... about life. My to-do lists. What I did that day. What I didn't do.

  • I've been more in touch with my hunger cues.

  • I'm eating slower.

  • I've been a better driver. Less road rage.

  • hot lemon water is a LIFE SAVER.


You know this is not going to be easy. So, make a plan! Get prepared. Use a journal. Tell your friends. Keep yourself accountable. The more you set yourself up for success, the better you'll be!! I stuck post it notes all around my apartment with encouraging messages on them to keep going. They said things like,

7 days no caffeine? There are way harder things to do in life!

You've got this!

Believe in yourself!

I also googled reasons why giving your body a break from caffeine was a good idea and bookmarked them on my browser so when the craving strikes, I was prepared to shower myself with KNOWLEDGE!

Detox Period

What will you do to make yourself feel better? When detoxing from caffeine, it is normal to feel anxious, depressed, sluggish, lethargic, out of it, tired, irritable, constipated. These are all normal. Here are some things to do when these symptoms creep up:

  • take a hot bath

  • go for a 10 minute walk around the block. If you are in an office, get up and walk to the bathroom.

  • take a yoga class

  • do 5-10 minutes of breath work or meditation.

  • drink a tall glass of H2O.

  • go to a sauna or get a massage. or, try cupping! I loved it

  • journal. document your experiences. writing is so therapeutic

  • google reasons why giving your body a break from caffeine is so good. it gives your adrenals a break and helps you get back on track

  • put peppermint oil on your temples

  • take a nap!

  • call a friend

  • pick flowers

  • scroll through the #caffeinefreeweek hashtag! it's so inspiring.

I know these symptoms can be soooo hard to manage and work through, especially when they can be avoided with just a little cup of Joe or green tea- but trust me, the benefits of giving your body a break from caffeine are endless.


Many people are not even addicted to actual caffeine itself but the ritual of it all. It's a way to start the day! So, what will you replace with your caffeinated beverage with? Below are some substitutes!

  • Chaga Latte

  • Dandelion Root Latte

  • Ginger Tea

  • Hot water + lemon

  • Nut Butter Latte

  • Teeccino

  • Moringa Latte

  • Turmeric Latte

  • Teeccino

  • Green Juice

  • Roobios tea blends

Check some of my recipes below for inspiration!