The Best Herbs for PCOS

Living with PCOS isn't always easy, but it is possible. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I knew I didn't want to go back on birth control, but I wanted to heal it naturally.

I have been in PCOS remission for about a year, and herbs and adaptogens have quickly become the biggest way for me to keep my symptoms at bay and make sure things are running 100%. Herbs are a part of my every day routine, and I know there are so many to choose from and it can be kind of overwhelming.

Adaptogens get their name from the word "adapt" because of their insane ability to help humans adapt to any stressful situation. And as we know, those with PCOS are highly sensitive to stressful situations and need to do everything they can to keep their stress levels on lock.  

I like to take my herbs and adaptogens in the morning with my matcha latte. If you follow me on stories, you'll see every day I add a different combination.

If you are new to the herbs scene, I definitely recommend starting out small and adding about 1/2 tsp to your favorite tea. Remember to consume no more than 3 different herbs at any given time. Herbs are powerful and they are best taken in small doses over long periods of time.

Below is my list of my favorite herbs to take to help fight PCOS.

NOTE: I am not a doctor and recommend that you see a trained professional, herbalist, health coach or doctor before getting into herbs, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Why it's good: Ashwagandha is a natural stress reliever and eases the nervous system. Also known as the hormone balancing superhero, it reduces depression, and improves memory.  

Where to get it: Sun Potion has the best ashwagandha. I love adding it to my morning elixirs and teas.

Chasteberry (Vitex) 

Why It's good: Chasteberry is good for those who have missing or irregular periods, or light spotting at the beginning and ends of their periods. It helps with those who have low progesterone. 

Where to get it: I love Gaia's Vitex blend. Available at Whole Foods or Amazon. 


Why it's good: Cinnamon is a natural blood sugar stabilizer. It has also been shown to greatly reduce insulin resistance by slowing down the food from the stomach to the digestive system. It's also helpful for reducing cramps!

Where to get it: When buying cinnamon, make sure it's organic. I get my cinnamon in the whole stick form, and love this Vietnamese cinnamon as it's super strong and sweet tasting. Love adding it to my smoothies and morning drinks. 


Why it's good: Cordyceps improves digestion, balances blood sugar, helps fight fatigue, improves sleep, activates liver and balances hormones. 
Where to get it: Sun Potion has quality cordyceps. 


Why it's good: Maca helps to balance estrogen and progesterone in the body which may help to encourage a healthy menstrual cycle. It's also a natural hormone balancer and energy booster. 

Where to get it: I get my maca from Organic Burst

Saw Palmetto Pills

Why it's good: Saw Palmetto is known to reduce thinning hair and excessive hair growth (hirsutism), both 2 very stubborn symptoms of PCOS.

Where to get it: Saw Palmetto doesn't taste that great so most people like to take it in pill form. Most natural food stores sell it in pill form, so go with whatever is in budget or available.


What sort of herbs do you take to help fight PCOS?