Lee From America's Guide To Meal Prep Is Now Available!


Lee From America's Guide To Meal Prep has arrived! I am so so excited to share with you guys my first ever ebook! 

In it you will find a week's worth of meal prep, with 8 recipes from my skillet roasted chicken to my basic bowl dressing.

I've also included a list of my favorite products, my best advice for those new to meal prepping, recipe inspiration, and even a printable grocery list you can take with you to the store.

Meal Prepping is one of my biggest tricks to living a healthy life. It means I always have food in my fridge, know exactly what's going into my meals, and saves me so much time and money. It's also a huge act of self care. By meal prepping, you're showing yourself how worth it you are. 

Read all about why I meal prep, how I meal prep, and how you can meal prep in my book. This is a flexible, accessible guide that you can purchase here for $10.

For support, please email support@leefromamerica.com