All About Adaptogens

If you're into health, you've probably been hearing the term "adaptogen" thrown around like crazy recently. Well, there's a reason why. Adaptogens have actually been around for hundreds of years but they are finally getting the attention that they deserve. There is definitely a distinct switch in the health world from the pharmaceutically dominated Western medicine to a more holistic, natural approach to things. And that's where adaptogens come in. 

What are adaptogens?

Essentially adaptogens are specific group of healing plants. Phyltothreapy (the use of plants to heal) has been used in medicine for a long time…way before it was trendy.

Adaptare in Latin actually means to adjust, which is exactly what adaptogens help your body do- adjust to the different stressors in your life.

Adaptogens are an all natural way to support your health, but you should still proceed with caution when using them. There is such thing as too much of a good thing! Speak to your primary health care provider before adding adaptogens into your diet especially if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.  

Which are my favorite adaptogens and what do they do?

There are hundreds of different types of adaptogens. Don't think you need to go out and buy every single one. Below is my list of my favorites. But if you are gonna pick one, go with ashwagandha, my favorite. 

Where do I get my adaptogens?

I like to buy my adaptogens from Mountain Rose Herbs + Sun Potion. 


Probably the most known adaptogen today- ashwagandha is great for soothing your nervous system and boosting immunity. It can aid in fertility and supports you during your menstrual cycle- mainly because its such a rich source of iron.


Cordycepts are a mushroom based adaptogen great for maintaining good liver and kidney function. Traditionally they have been used to aid fertility but today they’re often used to increase athletic performance.  They are also great for the brain. 


Chaga mushroom is a great grounding herb. It's perfect for easing anxiety, stress, and nervousness. A great herb to take with you on a flight or before a stressful day at work!

Eluthero Root

Eluthero is a great everyday adaptagen. It can enhance brain function, ease anxiety, boost the immune system, support healthy cholesterol levels, and boost endurance levels.

He Shoe Wu

He Show Wu nourishes your liver and kidneys, can improve feelings of weakness and fatigue, and can help with insomnia. It has also been used to treat low back pain and anemia.


Moringa is great for reducing inflammation in your body, regulating your blood sugar levels, and improving digestion. Long term users have increased energy, more restful sleep, and stronger immune systems.  

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is most often used to balance your hormones. If you have low testosterone levels (which is common in both men and women) pine pollen can be especially good in naturally increasing them. It is also great for protecting your immune system.


Reishi is the ultimate balancing adaptogen. It supports your immune response by increasing or decreasing your immune function sensitivity depending on what you need. It also supports your cardiovascular system and sooths your nervous system. It’s important to note that because reishi is a mild adpatogen it needs to be taken over a longer period of time to get the full benefits.


Rhodiola is a get S#IT done kinda herb. It's great for boosting productivity, balancing your blood sugar levels, protecting your heart from stress related damage, and boosting your immune system. Be sure to take rhodiolia in the morning time though because it can cause isomnia if taken too late!


Triphala is a great adaptagon for anyone with any sort of digestion issue. It’s aids in detoxification and is a great source of vitamin C. Read all about my digestion story here.

My favorite ways to add adpatogens in?

What are some of your favorite adaptogens?