Avocado Toast with Grapefruit + Almond Milk Ricotta

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Wherever you are in the world, or however you feel about 2016, I think we can all agree that the New Year is a great time to set new goals, take stock of where we are in life, and make some changes (if needed). 

This year, I don't have many physical resolutions. I'm not doing any crazy diet. I'm not promising myself to join some crazy workout program. Nope. I'm just continuing on the path I am on, because I love it. I love where I am right now. I work out regularly and eat well and I don't see a need to change anything. I just want to keep growing and digging deeper and pushing my boundaries. And this feels good.

However, I do have some inner-resolutions. And those are to be more organized, better at finishing tasks, set more realistic goals, and to be kinder and more honest with people. 

Anyway, onto my breakfast! For the 3rd day of 2017, I had a delicious breakfast of grilled sourdough bread, topped with avocado and Dole Sunshine's Grapefruit! It was perfectly sweet, creamy, savory and tangy. The grapefruit added a really juicy kick to regular avocado toast. 

Avocado + grapefruit go really well together. Add a few sprigs of mint, rosemary, some flaky sea salt, plus toasted pine nuts ('cause let's be real...those make everything taste better), and you've got yourself a very fine breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. That's the thing I love about toast, it's so easy to throw together and it's perfect for any time of day. 

This post was lovingly sponsored by my friends over at Dole Packaged Foods. Thank you for supporting my craft! 

Now, onto start prepping for my workshop that's scheduled for this Saturday. Have you bought your ticket yet? We will be building our own gluten free vegan toasts, just like the one above. I hope to see you there!

More info here: http://www.poketo.com/collections/workshops-alpha-desc/products/wellness-reboot-workshop-with-lee-tilghman

What are your goals and resolutions for 2017?