Lee From America’s Guide to Swimsuits

Shopping for bathing suits can be stressful and relentless. Where to start? Where are all the cute ones? The ones that are well made and that I feel GOOD in? I believe in splurging on bathing suits, which is why you’ll see these on the pricier side ($100+). I want to feel good in my suit, and I love a good, high-quality suit. I also find that the higher price tag from these brands equals higher quality, meaning they last 3+ seasons. Luckily, it’s the end of swimsuit season soon, so be on the lookout for good Labor Day Weekend sales. Join the following brands’ mailing lists to be kept in the know about flash sales if you like any of the bathing suits you see!

Below is a list of my favorite brands, and the styles I love the most.

Zulu & Zephyr


Brand background: This Aussie-based brand has been on my radar since I first discovered them on Instagram a few years ago. With high-quality, thick material that give way to unique cuts, their suits are one-of-a-kind. I’m very into their high-rise styles. Their sizing is oftentimes a bit complex and inconsistent, so before purchasing make sure you use a tape measure and properly use their conversion rates. 

Bend Bikini

This bikini style has a fun fit and I love the high-waisted curved legged bottoms. Beware of sketchy tan lines with the one shoulder cut.


Babs Skinny Harness Bikini

A simple, minimal bikini in a peachy tone and ribbed material. Though it may not be the best suit for rough oceans (it's not very form-fitting), it's a perfect suit for tanning or lounging around the pool. 


Solid & Striped


Brand background: My #1 swimsuit brand. All their swimsuits and cuts are so flattering, girly, and flirty. They never go wrong. Sizing is fairly true to size. 

The Jaime

This suit reminds me of Taylor Swift for some reason. It’s classic, cute, fun, comfy, and goes great just about anywhere. Plus, you can wear the top as a crop and the shorts as a bottom. I just love it. So '50s. 


The Anne-Marie

With a name like Anne-Marie, you cannot go wrong. A classic one piece style that can go anywhere. I love the deep cut of the back, it shows *just enough* skin. 


The Annabelle

The polka dots, the high rise 80’s style bottom, the simple strapless band top. This is a statement suit and a showstopper.


The Milly 

This suit screams feminine in all the right ways. The frills along the edges, the navy and white stripes, the deep V-cut, I’m in love. 


The Bailey 

A higher-coverage suit with side cuts to accentuate the waist. I love this suit; it always feels flattering, plus it’s very comfortable and stays in place.


You Swim


Brand background: This one-size bathing suit company is revolutionary. They sell one style meant to fit sizes 0 to 14. It’s the most comfortable bathing suit I’ve ever worn. I loved the ribbed material, it feels very nostalgic. It looks adorable paired with denim cut-offs and stays in place while playing in the rough ocean. I also feel it’s appropriate for swimming laps and exercise- it’s form-fitting, compressive, and keeps things place, if you know what I mean. 

The colors are also gorgeous. My favorite colors are sage and marigold.


 What are your favorite bathing suit companies?

Editor's Note: In a previous publication of this post, I used the term "one size fits all". this has been adjusted.