Lee From America Holiday Gift Guide

Lee From America Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays can be stressful on so many different levels. Traveling, disrupted routines, seeing family members, and shopping for a seemingly endless list of people. But it's also a time to spread love to the people in your life, so I thought I'd share some gift ideas to take the anxiety out of this season. These are some of my favorite items that I own and that I love to give as gifts myself. 

The objects below are a range of prices, so stick within a budget that works for you!

for the friend who loves plants but can't commit -  succulents, $4

Plants make any house feel like a home, and succulents are so low maintenance, anyone can care for them. Show your local nursery some love and give your friends a few of these little plants, and maybe a little description of their needs. 

for the friend with digestive woes - licorice tea $6

The Pukka peppermint and licorice tea is great for digestion. I drink it every night after dinner. Give it to someone who struggles with bloat, constipation, or restlessness after meals.

for the meal prepper in your life - lee from america's guide to meal prep, $10

This 39- page guide comes with a 7 recipes for healthy eating all week long- including a banana free smoothie bowl, how to roast a chicken, freeze zucchinis for easy low sugar smoothies, and make the perfect sweet potato fries. I am a huge believer in meal prepping and wrote this guide just a few months ago. It's an electronic e-book so you can purchase it and include their email so it gets delivered straight to their inbox!

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for the gourmet foodie in your life - bon appetit, $15

I am always so inspired by the recipes I find in my Bon Appétit issues, so giving a yearly subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one will think of you when they see the magazine in their mailbox or when they try a new recipe from its pages. 

this book is amazing!

this book is amazing!

for the friend who needs a little extra support - 'you are a badass', $16

The book You Are a Badass changed my perspective on what it means to truly live and how to stop doubting myself. Give this to any loved one who is a book worm or perhaps someone that could use a bit of inspiration.

for the friend who loves cozy things - ceramic mugs, $22

Ceramic mugs are amazing, and I drink my morning matcha out of one almost every single day. My favorites are from Hanselmann Pottery or A Question of Eagles. Give one as a gift, and your friend will be hooked.

for the eco-friendly friend - s'well bottles, $25

Reducing plastic use is so important to help keep our planet clean and safe. S'well reusable bottles are a great alternative to a single use plastic bottle, and can be used over and over again. And to be honest, their products are really cute!

my BFF once a month, the period cup. 

my BFF once a month, the period cup. 

for the adventurous lady who loves a good period talk - period cup, $40

In continuing the movement to reduce plastic waste, I've switched to using a period cup, and I'm never looking back. The cup can be used each month for years, and completely eliminates the need for tampons. Friends and loved ones might be hesitant to buy their own, simply because they unsure about them, so they make a great and encouraging gift. 

for the creative cook - inspiralizer, $30

Inspiralizers have changed the cooking game. I use mine so often and for every different meal. Sweet potato egg nests in the morning, zucchini noodles for lunch, and cucumber ribbons in sushi rolls for dinner. The possibilities are endless.

for the busy, overworked friend who needs help IN THE KITCHEN - glassware box set, $35

Glasslock storage containers have been a key component to organizing my kitchen. Give a box set to a friend who could use an extra bit of help in that department. 

for the plantlady friend - plant lady necklace, $56 

My Rebekah Gough "PLANT LADY" necklace never comes off. I wear it everyday, and I'm guessing anyone who receives this as a present will feel the same way. Hang it around a succulent as an extra cute gift! Use code lee for a discount. 

for the person in your life who loves skincare - dry brush and oils, $48 + $40

My body oil and dry brush are now part of my shower routine, and have completely changed my skin. I have worked my way up to a 6 minute dry brush after I shower, and my skin has never felt better. Your loved one will appreciate you encouraging them to make themselves a priority in their own life.

for the zen pal - essential oils + diffuser, $25 + $90

Having essential oils (sage and lavender) and a diffuser on hand will make anyone feel instantly more at ease. Sage oil is great for bloating and constipation when a few drops are applied directly to the belly. Lavender has a calming effect, and is great in the diffuser or applied directly to a pillowcase when it's time for bed. I also usually put a few drops in my baths to really relax. I always travel with these 2. They are great choices for someone who is interested in essential oils but doesn't know where to start.


For the bookworm  - kindle paperwhite, $119.00

I purchased the kindle paperwhite  e-reader for myself this year and holy cow...I am obsessed. It actually makes me want to read. As much as I LOVE reading books in the flesh, there is something so convenient about hosting all your books in one place. It's also better than the iPad as there is no other digital distractions. It's a perfect way to disconnect. it's so small it fits in my tiniest purse. And my favorite part about this kindle is that it's easy to read in the sun (no glare) and you can rent books from your local library using the kindle. How cool is that?

for the non toxic lover in your life - big berkey, $258

This is the gift of a lifetime. It's definitely on the pricier side, but it's a wonderful gift to give since it lasts forever. Berkey offers some of the most revolutionary charcoal water filters and it takes no energy to filter the water since it works from gravity! Not to mention, it's also a beautiful addition to any kitchen or living space. I have the big one and I LOVE it. the water tastes amazing and it's wonderful. My stand is from Urban Oasis, a water filter store in Los Angeles. 

My Berkey = my baby. 

My Berkey = my baby. 

for the big ticket item - vitamix, $620

The ultimate gift! Vitamix's are life changing machines and last a lifetime. They are the perfect addition to any kitchen and a really necessary part of living a healthy lifestyle, IMO. I use mine 3x a day, no joke. Everyone has someone in their life they want to spoil, whether it's their best friend, a parent, a partner, or themselves. Treating them to a Vitamix will completely shake up their cooking routine and give them inspiration for making new recipes every single day. Not to mention that they last for so long!