My Experience Taking CBD

Disclaimers: (1) I am not a medical professional, nor a CBD expert. The goal of this post is to share information about CBD and my personal experience with it. I did my best research and fact-checking for accuracy.  (2) I was not monetarily compensated for these brands nor do I receive affiliate dollars if you buy them. They are honest opinions and reviews. I received the CAP Beauty Daily Hit, CBD Bath Bomb, and Care by Design Oil for free to test from Medmen, but purchased the rest of the products with my own money.

Intro to CBD Oil

I have been obsessed with researching CBD and testing products on myself the past few months. 

CBD Baths 4 Life

CBD Baths 4 Life

CBD has been popping up everywhere in the health world, boasting benefits like pain relief, diminished anxiety, better sleep and reduced inflammation. Who doesn't want that? I've even read testimonies saying it has helped lessen chemo symptoms in some patients. I knew I had to test it out for myself.

Before we get started, I want to include a quick little vocabulary session below, so that we are all understanding some of the terms used in this blog post.. 


Cannabis: The marijuana plant.

CBD: Cannabidiol (CBD), the major nonpsychoactive component of Cannabis sativa (marijuana plant).

Canniboid: any of a group of closely related compounds which include cannabinoland the active constituents of cannabis.

THC: tetrahydrocannabinol, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis that gets users "high".

A few drops under the tongue.

A few drops under the tongue.

CBD. It's everywhere. Your sister, grandma, and even holistic doctor talks about it. It's in lattes, baths, bites and creams.

First things first: CBD alone will not get you high. It is important to note that most CBD is non-psychoactive and will not give you a "high" or euphoric feeling. Just want to put that out there. 

People have been using CBD for thousands of years.

CBD Bath Bomb ingredients!

CBD Bath Bomb ingredients!

In some countries, people apply the marijuana leaf on injuries/areas of pain to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. 

It seems like everyone can benefit from CBD. CBD oil has a long list of benefits, including (source):

  • reducing chronic pain

  • limiting epileptic seizures

  • reducing inflammation

  • reducing anxiety

  • aiding in rheumatoid arthritis treatment

  • reducing nausea

  • depression treatment

  • lessening inflammatory bowel disease symptoms

  • helping with insomnia

  • reducing psoriasis

  • lower risk of diabetes

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannibulia, is a component of the marijuana plant that contains healing properties of the plant. With most CBD products, users can experience some of the medicinal qualities of marijuana while still operating day to day, going to work, driving a car, etc.

CBD products come in many forms: pills, creams, tinctures, oils, lip balms, cooking oils, adaptogenic blends, topical oils, and more. 

There is still differing evidence on the effects of CBD and if it works. Most of the information out there is anecdotal due to the lack of factual-based scientific research. Again, I am not a doctor or a CBD expert by any means! I did my best to research it based off what I could find. 

Hemp Derived vs. Cannabis Derived

There isn't much information about this, but this is what I gathered: There are 2 types of CBD products. Every CBD product is either hemp derived or cannabis derived. Hemp CBD is made from industrial hemp (yes, the kind you put on top of smoothie bowls!). Cannabis CBD is derived from the medical marijuana plant. Hemp CBD products are available widely online whereas cannabis derived CBD products are only available in some states at medical dispensaries. 

From Wikipedia: "Although most states restrict the use of CBD products to certain medical conditions, manufacturers of CBD claim their products are derived from industrial hemp, and therefore legal for anyone to use.[66] A number of these manufacturers ship CBD products to all 50 states, which the federal government has so far not intervened in.[67][68] CBD is also openly sold in head shops and health food stores in some states where such sales have not been explicitly legalized." Source:

Where Can I Get It?

CBD is still unavailable in many parts of the US. Depending on where you live, it can be harder to find. Living in California, it's a bit easier to get my hands on CBD products since we have some pretty relaxed marijuana regulations.

I purchased my CBD products at Erewhon Market here in Los Angeles.  I received CBD Oil from Cap Beauty Daily (which you can buy by calling them) and a few different products from Medmen. They do not sell online but they do sell in their stores. You do not need a medical marijuana card to purchase Medmen products in California but you do need a medical marijuana card to purchase products from their store in New York.

Some of the products I tried (linked below) can be purchased online and shipped to you. Do some research to see if CBD is available at your local health food stores or if it's better to buy online. 

Quick CBD Q+A

Did you try taking CBD with adaptogens? Yes, I put Cap Beauty's Daily Hit in my matcha a few times. You can mix your own CBD oil with adaptogens to see if that heightens its effects.

The Daily Hit.

The Daily Hit.

What do you look for when buying CBD? It totally depends on your budget, needs, and symptoms. In general, make sure you are buying local CBD (whenever possible), and from a trusted, authorized source. There are many small businesses that sell CBD products online and in stores, so I'd go with that. 

Did it help you with stress? I think because I do a lot of things in my everyday (yoga, meditation, daily adaptogens, exercise) to relieve and lessen my anxiety, it can be hard to tell which one makes the most difference. Save for the Care by Design droplets (more on that below), maybe some nights I felt a TINY bit more relaxed, but I can't tell if it was placebo effect or not!

Can I fly with it? I haven't tried flying with CBD oil. I'm too scared to. It looks like hemp-derived CBD products are okay to fly with but there is still a grey area and vague responses coming from TSA. If you have tried without issue, let me know in the comments below! See this article from High Times on bringing CBD products on planes. 

My Experience with CBD

There are HUNDREDS of different CBD products on the market. Some more expensive than others. Some with more CBD than others. I tried as many products as I could get my hands on to give you guys some honest reviews. 1 type of CBD product would not be sufficient for a conclusive experience. I even kept a CBD journal for a few weeks reporting how much of each product I took, when I took it, and how it made me feel. I took the recommended doses and instructions for all the below products.

CBD Products + My Reviews

The ingredients in CAP's The Daily Hit

The ingredients in CAP's The Daily Hit

  1. Cap Beauty Daily "The Daily Hit," $96.00 USD

    • INITIAL THOUGHTS: Okay, so this product was the first one I received. I tried putting in my matcha one morning and I didn't care for the taste much. It tasted minty which overpowered my normal sweet and creamy matcha. Moving forward I just took a spoonful at night. I did this for 3 weeks straight.

    • ANXIETY: Did I notice a difference? No...not really.

    • PERIOD CRAMPS: I didn't notice a decrease in cramps after taking this.

    • BLOAT: It didn't make me bloat like some of the other products below, so I'd continue using it if an injury arose or during a high anxiety time period in my life. I definitely foresee a CBD latte in my near future.

    • WOULD I BUY AGAIN? Perhaps. Because I'm a huge fan of Cap Beauty's products and could definitely see myself using this in some recipes. Because it has Astragalus and Mucuna Pruriens in it too, it has many other benefits.

  2. Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum CBD, $80.00 USD

    • INITIAL THOUGHTS: I bought this one at Erewhon. Yes, 80 bucks... but the herbalist said it was the best one, so I decided to buy it. Plus, it was from a local Ojai farmer so I thought, "I'm supporting a local farm!" The reason it's $80 is because it is some of the fastest acting CBD on the market, so if you are in pain and need a fix, this product may be your best bet.

    • ANXIETY: No noticeable difference.

    • PERIOD CRAMPS: I didn't notice a decrease in cramps after taking this.

    • BLOAT: On the nights I took this before bed, I'd wake up with stomach pains, discomfort, and some bloat. In turn, the bloat made me more agitated than anything. I didn't feel any strong beneficial effects even after taking it consistently for 7 days.

    • Would I buy again? No. It tastes better than the CAP Beauty Daily one, but it made me bloated, so I'm gonna say nay. It's also too pricey for me to buy it without actually feeling anything.

  3. Green Mountain CBD, $30.00 USD

    • INITIAL THOUGHTS: Weed toast, anyone? This is a spreadable coconut oil-based CBD product. I bought this one because the herbalist at Erewhon recommended it as a budget-friendly option. It can be taken topically (AKA rubbed on your skin where you have pain/inflammation) or spread on a rice cracker. The website says do not heat over 300 F. so I don't recommend baking with this one or the CBD may be jeopardized. It smells a LOT like weed, so if that bothers you this product is DEFINITELY not for you.

    • ANXIETY: did not notice any remarkable difference

    • PERIOD CRAMPS: I didn't notice a decrease in cramps after taking this.

    • BLOAT: Again, this product made me bloated and gave me some tummy issues. I tried it 5 nights in a row (sometimes mixed with food, sometimes by itself) and I didn't really see a big difference in my anxiety.

    • Note: my assistant Olivia suffers from chronic wrist pain and applied this to her wrist one day while we worked together. She did notice a reduction in her pain and felt that this topical oil was sufficient enough she didn't need to take her usual Advil.

    • Would I buy again? No, but I think if I experienced pain or got injured I would try this again.

  4. De La Beuh CBD Bath Bomb, $14.00 USD

    • INITAL THOUGHTS: Ok, this was fun. I've never done a bath bomb before and I had my period, so I was excited to see if this one helped my cramps and low back pain.

    • ANXIETY: Did I feel relaxed? Absolutely. The bath made me feel calm, collected, and relieved some pain.

    • PERIOD CRAMPS: The warm bath and this bath ball helped to subside my cramps.

    • Would I buy again? I'd definitely buy a CBD bath bomb again. Open to different brands, too.

    • Note: There are some artificial colors in some of these bath bombs, so I wouldn't use them on the DAILY. But it's up to you of course.

  5. Care by Design CBD-Rich Drops, $40.00 USD

    • INITIAL THOUGHTS: This is the only CBD product I tried that has a small amount of THC (8:1 ratio) There is 16.3 mg/mL CBD and 2.04 mg/mL THC in this product. The box says It is not safe to operate a car after taking this stuff. You can buy it in California without a medical marijuana card. Mine is from Medmen.

    • PERIOD CRAMPS: I did notice a slight reduce in cramps, or maybe my mind just wasn't focusing on it.

    • ANXIETY: This was the only product that I actually felt something from. I took 2 droplets below my tongue and an hour later I felt more clear-minded, energized, positive and calm.

    • Would I buy again? Probably. I would, yes.

Overall, Do I Think CBD worked for me?

First off, I do not suffer from chronic pain, inflamed joints, or intrusive stress/anxiety, which are the main reasons people take CBD. In many of the CBD products I tried, I did not notice a significant enough change in my physical, emotional, or mental state (except the THC one, Care by Design) to say that CBD worked WONDERS for me. 

I 100% support those who take CBD products and would definitely recommend it for my friends, family, or readers who suffer from any symptom CBD could help with.

I don't see myself taking CBD daily. I have my other daily routines Sun Potion ashwagandha, daily meditation, exercise, collagen, yoga, eating well, and self introspection (journaling and intention setting) that work great for me now. I can see myself every now and using a CBD bath bomb or the Care by Design droplets after an extra tough day, but in general, I don't see this becoming a steady part of my every day routine for medicinal/anxiety relief. 

That doesn't mean I am not going to try out some CBD-inspired recipes with some of these tinctures!

In closing, I think CBD is FANTASTIC and am so glad it has helped so many people who swear by it. Maybe I am just not the getting correct dosage or need to try a different strain? I am going to keep my eyes and heart open for CBD because I believe it can help a lot of people. But for now, I'm going to keep doing my normal routine while sometimes incorporating CBD in!

Do you take CBD Oil? If so, what kind? What does it help you with? I want to hear from you!