My SoulCycle #Soulbowl

My first SoulCycle experience was back in 2014 in New York City. It didn’t click for me then. I thought maybe it just was not for me.

Fast forward to April 2016. I decided to try it again. And I loved it. I loved the way the teachers cheered all of us on, and just when I felt like I was going to throw up from cycling so fast, my teacher said something like, “If you don’t do it, who’s gonna do it for you?” And it really resonated with me. I got it.  I felt completely addicted to it.

With SoulCycle, and with all things in life, if you’re not putting your whole soul into it, you’re not giving yourself the fair chance to succeed. I know that may sound corny, but think about it: nobody is going to do the work for you.  You gotta get up there and do it yourself.

I have seen my soul many a times, in that dark room, usually it’s after the weights, where we ride in silence, and you just hear the music, along with the constant hum of the bikes. My brain is clear; my stream of consciousness is free of to-do lists, anxieties, and self-doubts. I see myself and others for who they truly are. Radiant, capable, and beautiful beings filled with endless possibilities.

And of course, after you sweat it out in SoulCycle, you GOTTA replenish those cells with some food, and there’s no better way to do this in the summertime than with a smoothie bowl.

Feeding my body with whole foods (mostly plants) leaves me feeling amazing, and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me. Eating well is a high priority for me, it always has been, and it always will be.

Today I am sharing my soul bowl with you, a bowl that takes time and patience, but is so worth it in the end, just like a SoulCycle class. This bowl contains a wide variety of ingredients, all raw and vegan, too. I swirl together a green and a purple base and top it with my favorite summer fruits including kiwi, papaya, watermelon, and variegated lemon from the farmer’s market. If you don’t have these sorts of ingredients on hand, fret not! Make it your own by adding whatever ingredients you like on top- strawberries, peanut butter, coconut flakes, and flax seeds are other personal favorites of mine. 


Green Base:

1.5 frozen bananas

1 cup kale (stems included! They’re good for you)

2 tbsp oats

1 tbsp Vegan Protein Powder

1 tsp spirulina

3 tbsp almond milk

Purple Base:

1.5 frozen bananas

½ cup blueberries

1 tbsp Vegan Protein Powder

2 tbsp oats

3 tbsp almond milk


1 medjool date

½ fresh banana






Golden raisins

Dried cranberries

Edible flowers

Puffed millet


1.     Start by blending the green base together in a high-speed blender and then set into a clean bowl and place in the freezer.

2.     Next, add the purple base ingredients together in a high-speed blender until smooth.

3.     Pour the green base into a bowl. Next, add the purple base and using the end of a spoon, swirl the two colors together.

4.     Finally, add your toppings, snap a photo and tag me in your creations (@leefromamerica on instagram!)