My Skincare Regime!

Recently I was asked to do a post on skincare, so here it is!

DISCLAIMER: Skincare is a tricky topic. Everybody has different genetics, skin types, and habits. This is just my personal skincare regime. I am not a professional and my skincare regime may not work for everybody! also... I do NOT have perfect skin by any means :)

Glossier #maskforce selfie on lock, y'all.

Glossier #maskforce selfie on lock, y'all.

I am the type of girl who believes less is more. In all departments. Less clothing. Less dieting. Less processed foods. Less shitty boyfriends. Less makeup. Less beauty products.

The first and most important step to clearing up your skin is cleaning up your diet. What is on the outside is directly related by what you put in. It's not science! If you put garbage into a tank, you cannot expect gold to come out. If you feed your body with limitless amounts of whole fruits and vegetables, you will find that your skin will begin to glow. You won't need makeup to hide under. 

I can tell when someone eats healthy and exercises just by looking at their skin. When I was down in Miami over New Years Eve I was surrounded by a lot of tourists from all parts of the world. It was so easy for me to immediately look at someone's skin and tell if they took care of themselves or not. I could almost tell the vegans from the non vegans. And the people who ate plenty of healthy whole foods, I could see it in their eyes, through their skin, by their energy and natural glow. It was strikingly obvious to me. I was like, " soon as you start treating your body right and paying close attention to what goes in, you will notice a remarkable difference and naturally seek others who take the same care and consideration". It's hard to explain, I wonder if anyone else knows what I mean here. Maybe that's why I always make at least like 3 new friends every time I enter a smoothie, juice, or natural foods store. Because I know I am connected to like minded people :)

When I began my natural food journey, after a few months in I have a revelation of some sorts (one of MANY) and realized- if I am not putting chemicals into my body and eating processed foods, shouldn't I start paying attention to what I put on my face, skin, and hair? The answer was obvious- yes. 

Read on for a list of my top skincare products! All of these products are natural, amazing, and not to mention, beautifully packaged. I hope you enjoy!

Best Face Wash: trader joe's tea tree oil

I wash my face in each night before I go to bed. For a face wash, I use Trader Joe's Spa Face Wash with Tree Tea Oil. It is extremely light, free of chemicals and all that icky useless stuff.  This stuff can be harsh on dry skin. I bought in the summer and had no issues. But when it was winter and cold/dry in NYC, it sometimes made my skin feel tight a minute or so after washing. That's why in the winter, I normally just end up splashing some cold water on my face because I hardly wear face makeup so there is not much to wash off. If you wear eye makeup, this won't get it off. I've tried!

Best natural DEODORANT: primal pit paste

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am kind of obsessed with finding the best natural deodorant. I've tried nearly every brand. Tom's. Crystal.  Burt's Bee's.  Natural Grooming. Nothing seemed to work. I mean, some of them did, but for only a few hours. Finally, when I was at Expo West this past March in Anaheim, CA, I came across a booth selling Primal Pit Paste. I got some samples and put it on immediately at the booth. I fell in love with the thick, creamy texture (more like a paste than a cream or a gel) that you can apply with a wooden spoon. The smell is amazing, and it lasts for up to 12 hours. I strongly recommend this stuff!

Best Face Mask: glossier Mega greens galaxy pack

I LOVE Glossier's mega green's galaxy pack. It's like opening up a small container of heaven. Upon dipping your finger in, you feel like your touching whipped butter. It's soft and smooth upon application, yet contains little specks of salt which exfoliate your skin. Best of all, it actually works. My BFF and I tested it and our skin was noticeably soft & smoother after use. I use this 2x a week.

The full Glossier set. 

The full Glossier set. 

Favorite Facial Moisturizer : clinique

I have been using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for almost 7 years. It's the only moisturizing cream that really works. Each bottle runs me about $26.00, and lasts me anywhere from 6-12 months. I use just a tiny bit. It works wonders on my skin and neck. I use it once a day in the morning or at night, usually immediately after I wash my face or take a shower. Always remember to moisturize your neck, ladies. My grandmother said that's the most important beauty secret of all, and she's 88 and looks 60. Trust her!

Go-To Body Detoxifying Mask: aztec Secret

I accidentally stumbled across Aztec Indian Healing Clay last year in the Whole Foods when my BFF and I were seeking out a clay bath for an at-home spa night (love those). It's a godsend. You can use it on sunburnt skin, legs, feet, sprinkle it in baths, and of course use it on your face. It comes in powdered form and you just add a little bit of water and mix really well with a wooden spoon (never use metal with clay- it messes with the chemical reaction)  I love also giving myself detoxifying clay baths with this product every month or so. I just sprinkle a little into some bath water and soak for days! (JK, usually 10 minutes before  I get so bored in the bath I get out.. does that happen to anyone else?) At only $8 per jar, you can't beat this stuff! It lasts forever.


When I do get a pimple, I don't freak out and I do not pick! I learned my lesson, those scar. Usually I will just let it heal naturally, and apply some toothpaste or tea tree oil until it's done dealing.

Favorite Face Spray

Herbivore Botanicals, available now at Urban Outfitters

Herbivore Botanicals, available now at Urban Outfitters

I love this lightweight facial toning elixir from the new brand, Herbivore Botanicals. Their outter aesthetic and packaging is as undeniably beautiful as what's inside. Inside of this bottle you will only find the most natural, freshest ingredients. No chemicals, no additives, no nothing. I love spraying it on my face and neck in the mornings before heading out the door. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smelling SO good, with notes of subtle floral rose, sweet coconut, and refreshing aloe vera.


#1 Cover Up: glossier perfecting skin tint

photo from

photo from

On those days that I do need some light coverage, I go with Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint. This stuff is so light & easy to maneuver. You don't need a brush or  makeup pad to apply, just a quick swoop of your fingers and bam. It goes on super light, and lasts all day, even if you sweat and workout. It gives your skin a dewy, fresh out of the shower look. Not to mention, it comes in a TSA-approved plastic container which is great for someone who travels like me. 

Glossier is a new line of skincare products brought to you by Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss.

I hope this helps, and I can't stress enough the importance of healthy diet and exercise in clear skin. I see so many people who clean up their diet and immediately can see/feel the difference in their skin. Fuel your delicate body with clean, plant based goodness, and your skin will get that natural glow. Once you start taking serious care of yourself, that confidence will radiate from within and everything will glow.

What's your routine?