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Raw Till Four February Challenge and Redefining "Labels"

lee tilghmanComment

So I am on day 6 of my #rawtillfour February Challenge and I wanted to give everyone an update! I have been eating fully raw meals for breakfast and lunch the past 6 days and I feel really fantastic. Why?

Eating clean means that I am taking care of my body, straight and simple. When I take proper care of my body, I'm taking care of those around me. I am more patient with scenarios that are out of my control. I am kinder and more empathetic to those around me. I also have the confidence to say no to a situation that just doesn't fit my lifestyle.

In the month of January I ate mostly vegan but began to experience extreme sugar cravings! I was reading about The Balanced Vegan's journey last night, and parts of her story were beginning to make sense and align with my own personal journey. I am not 100% vegan and never claimed to be. I want to move away from labeling myself a raw foodie, a vegan, etc. I am Lee. I am  sometimes raw, I am sometimes vegan. I am always a person on their personal journey. And that is the truth!

I am taking this challenge day by day, and so far it is working out for me, and that is always subject to change :-)