Doing Time with Breakfast Criminals

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to share a superfood-packed breakfast with Xenia behind my favorite breakfast food blog, Breakfast Criminals. I had been following Xenia for a long time and it was a pleasure to finally find a day for us to sit down, chat food & fitness, and blend up! I showed up to Xenia’s with a jar of my Granolee and we got straight to work.

Sundays to me used to mean a day spent in bed, recovering from the previous night’s damage. I never really realized or took into account how good I could feel on a Sunday. Once I began really taking care of  myself and my body, I had more energy to thrive, and weekends became my time to really go after it.

Sundays are now one of the busiest and more pleasurable days for me. I enjoy waking up early (sometimes before the winter sun), going to the gym, and getting my errands done before most people eat breakfast. When I am productive, I can more clearly see my goals and actually make steps to attain them and turn them into a reality. No longer do my dreams seem like some far off, hard to reach place. I know I am on the path to happiness and success and that is such a radical feeling.

When I would be hungover I’d spend Sundays just dreading doing anything. I wouldn’t have energy to eat clean, prepare food, or go to the gym. All I wanted to do was chill and stay in bed! Now, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, but I’ve been there, and I don’t want to go back to those days. I enjoy my life a lot more now. Now, I spend my weekends wondering, 

What is going to make me happy?

Who that I know can I spend time with that will lift me up, inspire me to become a better person, and push me to be my ultimate self?

Is everything in my life sustaining and fulfilling?

Is there any negative energy in my life? If so, what can I do to remove it?

When did I go out a lot, I also used to fill my weekends back to back with people. I was so preocuppied with always doing somethingwith someonethat I lost sight of myself. Now,  I am a whole lot more selective with who I spend time with. If they’re not helping me become my best self and making me feel good about myself, I just say “next”. Zero tolerance about that :)

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t spend some weekends sitting home and doing nothing because it feels good. It’s all about balance, ya’ll.

Now let’s get to the food!!

First we put some Granolee at the bottom of the mimosa cups. I brought over my signature blend with buckwheat, sesame seeds, cinnamon  and honey. Always a crowd pleaser.

Xenia blended a green base first containing wheatgrass, kale, spirulina, and banana. Then we layered it with some more Granolee. And then a creamy layer of coconut yogurt made right in Brooklyn. 

The hot pink layer included more banana and frozen pitaya for a fruity punch. And topped with coconut flakes and pumpkin seed butter. Aaaand topped with more Granolee.  

Not pictured: handfuls of Granolee added to both of our cups. Have a great week everyone!