Fall Favorites

Here’s a little list of things I’m digging this fall.

I compiled a list of items that bring a little light and love to my life. As the days get darker, I give myself permission to invite things into my home that make me feel good and get grounded.

This Yoga Class

I’m in love with doing this flow first thing in the morning. It starts off slowly and builds with time, but with just enough intensity. I feel so good after this one. It’s all-levels, too. It’s calming, energizing, centering and opening. It’s perfect to do at home and requires no fancy yoga accessories. Just a mat and your body.

AYR Superba Jeans


These high waisted, straight leg jeans have a slight flare and fringed, open hem. I’ve worn them with sandals, heels, day boots and flats, and they always look rockin’. Plus, they don’t cut into my stomach like other skinny jeans do, and they are so stretchy I can do yoga in them. Sign me up.

Entireworld Organic Undies


One of the biggest perks of living alone is only wearing pants when you want to. Which for me, is never.

On autumnal Sundays, you can find me cozying up with a big mug of warm almond milk, a big t-shirt and these Entireworld organic undies. I’m not kidding when I say I never want to take them off. I prefer to sleep pants-less but not nude, so these undies are the perfect pajama undie. They’re made from organic cotton, too, and so comfortable I hate when I have to take them off. They are more lounge-y, so I don’t recommend working out with them or wearing skinny jeans with these particular cuts because the extra fabric is what makes them so comfortable. They sit perfectly on my hips and the colors are so pretty.

Everlane Day Boot


A luxurious bootie for day (and night!) at 3/4 the price of the same one you’d find a another department store. The shoe is made in Italy, and Everlane is very transparent about what’s going on in their factories, so if ethical fashion that is up-to-date is your thing, this brand is right up your alley.

Mesquite Tarot


The coloring and illustrations on these cards is warming and inviting. To me, fall means spending more time inside, reflecting a bit more, and getting clarity after the busy summer months and darker days ahead. Everyone has a different tarot practice. This is a nice little intro deck to Tarot or another set to add to your existing collection. Plus, it’s always nice to support a small business!

Indian Study Santal +++


Hmmm, fall. Woodsy, balsam-y, with notes of spice, and sweet vanilla. I first discovered this scent back in June on a trip to Portland, and fell in love. It’s a bit sweeter than some of the others deep sandalwood perfumes out on the market today. It has the slightest hint of vanilla, which I just find irresistible. If you like Santal 33 by Le Labo, you’ll love this one. You can find it at Palace Store in Portland, OR, too.

On Our Moon Period Candle


This candle smells like patchouli, tobacco (the good kind), and sandalwood (can you tell I have a knack for all things sandalwood?) and makes me feel a sense of calm. I love lighting it during my morning meditation sessions before blowing it out and saving the rest. It is a period candle, meant to help bring ritual, grounding, and support during times of reflection, but you do not need to have a period to enjoy this candle.

Baggu Bag


This simple crossbody bag in Taro Nubuck just screams, “take me out with you to get a latte!” and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s minimal, simple, and small enough so I don’t lose my stuff in it.

Ginger Tea


Allll day, and allll night, ginger tea- need I say more? This stuff is golden for digestion. I buy it in bulk from Amazon Prime. It was one of my intentions this month to drink more ginger tea, and this Yogi blend is my favorite. Ginger tea may help combat IBS, improve the digestive system, relieve stress, and help a sore or dry throat.

What can you not live without in the fall?