Cookies and Cream Smoothie Bowl

Who can resist the undeniably delicious combination of cookies and cream?

With this recipe, you can incorporate those amazing flavors into a healthy, satisfying, and protein-rich breakfast. 

This is one of my all time favorite smoothie bowl recipes as it's low in sugar (due in part to the absence of banana) and high in protein, thanks to Kashi's new Dark Cocoa Power. I always feel amazing after eating this bowl, and it's a pretty simple recipe. For the toppings, I like to use some fresh fruit along with nuts and seeds, but feel free to use anything that you have on hand. 



● 1 large organic pear, frozen

● 1/2 cup organic coconut meat

● 1 tsp maca powder

● 1 tsp lacuma powder

● 1 tbsp cacao nibs

● 2­4 tbsp almond milk

1 serving Kashi Dark Cocoa Power Protein Powder


● 2 strawberries

● 7 blueberries

● 1⁄2 kiwi

● 5 pistachios

● 6 goji berries

● 6 pomegranate seeds

● 1/4 tsp cacao nibs


1. Place the frozen pear, coconut meat, maca, lacuma, almond milk, and Kashi protein

powder in a high speed blender.

2. Blend for 1­2 minutes, or until smooth. Make sure all ingredients are caught in the blade.

Add more almond milk as needed, but not too much as you want your smoothie base to

be very thick.

3. Add the cacao nibs the very last 20 seconds of blending to give your smoothie a nice

crunchy texture.

4. Pour into a bowl, and use a spatula to smooth the top layer of your smoothie base to

prepare for your toppings.

5. Top the bowl with a piece of sliced kiwi in the center.

6. Add your sliced strawberries around the edge of the bowl.

7. Now, add the blueberries, in between the strawberry slices. Place pomegranate seeds,

pistachios, almonds, and goji berries in a circle, surrounding your kiwi slice.

8. Sprinkle of hemp seeds and cacao nibs

9. Enjoy!